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untitled-1163Mother Daughter CCCC xmas-7995Mother Daughter CCCC xmas-7992Mother Daughter CCCC xmas-7988Mother Daughter CCCC xmas-7987Mother Daughter CCCC xmas-7963Mother Daughter CCCC xmas-7957Mother Daughter CCCC xmas-7955Mother Daughter CCCC xmas-7953Mother Daughter CCCC xmas-7951Mother Daughter CCCC xmas-7949untitled-2Lilly and Sadie are together now-2006new puppyBrook 5Brook 6Grand Dame 1Grand Dame 2Brook 3Brook 1

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Keith Bortnem(non-registered)
I think these twins are my nieces, Anna and Kenzie Weber. Beck and I like our pics too.
Juan's Photography
Hey...if thats you feel free to leave a comment!!
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