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Juan's Photography

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Shane Feusier(non-registered)
Hi Juan,
Fantastic site. I had fun fishing with you today. Good luck.
Kate, and the family(non-registered)
Thank you so much for the CD of our incredible trip in Montana and all our priceless family time. When I was asked to be the best man in my best friend's wedding, I couldn't think of anything else they would love as much as one of your photos. I'm so excited to have your photo be what marks their union and my connection to it. Our family is lucky to have spent so much time with ya'll rugged Montana folk. And to be captured by your lens has been an honor. Thank you for all of the tangible and absolutely beautiful memories.

Love always,

Kate & Family
Olga de Santa Anna(non-registered)
Hey Bro!
Thanks so much for the picture CD, Bill is going to copy it for all of the kids! I wish that we could see you and Randi for Thanksgiving, but distance gets us again! I love both of you tons!! Love Olgs and Bill.
Dan & Jil(non-registered)
We’re always impressed! Falling in love with pictures that are more impressive than the ones that your professional and competent wedding photographer took is never expected, but that happened to us. This “big guy” has an eye for reality, and nothing is more valued than nature and the natural. Juan is our uncle and took unexpected pictures at our wedding. Those pictures were perfect, and we couldn’t appreciate him more. Juan makes us consider art in a way that we don’t have the perspective yet to know we enjoy. I have always thought rodeos to be interesting and potentially dangerous, but have not thought about them beyond those obvious descriptors. What I have found through Juan’s photography is that they can be beautiful as well, cultural, generational, and relevant. Juan is a photographer because the sometimes overlooked text of our world strikes him as interesting, and on the very rare occasion because those things are truly AMAZING. I’ve learned that the word amazing is over used, which is another thing I hadn’t known before…but once pointed out is obvious ☺ “Amazing” is to cause great surprise or wonder. Juan’s pictures are in fact amazing, despite his propensity for self deprecation (although with genuine humor). During our summer visit with Juan & Randi in Montana, we set out to get one print, but left with more because his selection was just too enticing. Thank you Juan, and thank you Randi for putting up with that beard. We love you both very much. Keep doing things that surprise you because others will follow.

Lots of love! ~ Dan & Jil