Rodeo started as a way to show off your skills to then get a job on the ranch. Also it was a major social function for ranchers and their families because they often lived miles apart.
2008 Helmville Rodeo was my first time shooting a rodeo. A friend asked me what kind of camera did I use? "Must be expensive" she said. Well, yes I said.
Same friend invited me to dinner one night. When I was done eating that was really good food! I asked her "what kind of pots and pans she used...they must be expensive?"
I explained that a photograph has to have a good recipe to be good. Like a good meal... ingredients are crucial. Good lenses, and light, good subjects, motion, emotion, technique and of course exposure are some of those ingredients.
The 2008 Helmville Rodeo was shot with a new camera and it was expensive! I only deleted about 150 out of 1500 images I made that day. Making me think, maybe good pots and pan aren't such a bad investment.