Rodeo started as a way to show off your skills to get a job on the ranch. It was also a major social function for ranchers and their families who often lived miles apart.

The 2008 Helmville Rodeo was my first time shooting a rodeo. After looking at my photos from the rodeo, a friend asked me what kind of camera I used. "Must be expensive" she said. "Well, yes," I said. Later, that same friend invited me to dinner. It was a really good meal, so I asked her what kind of pots and pans she used. "They must be expensive!" I exclaimed. She didn't get my point. I explained that like a good meal, a good photograph has to have good timing, good technique, and good ingredients - light, subject, motion, emotion, and, of course, exposure. An expensive camera can't help if those things are missing.

I did indeed photograph the 2008 Helmville Rodeo with a new camera. It was a successful shoot; I only deleted about 150 out of the 1500 images I made that day, which made me wonder, maybe expensive pots and pan aren't such a bad investment.
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