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The Colorado River, its patience, and its beauty....
Appreciated by those in need of its water. Appreciated by those who sit and stare.
The colors of this place and of its inhabitants makes for a good day of staring.
The California Condor is making a comeback, such a good place for stare.
juandeSanta Anna6986juandeSanta Anna6815The edge of funjuandeSanta Anna6960juandeSanta Anna6818Clearwater DepthsFor the betterThey watched, I fishedStrong flight to survive...Seems like yesterday...Rock solid Standing HorsejuandeSanta Anna6959Most of their lives, they reflected best herejuandeSanta Anna6812Edges and anglesShoreline travelers passed thruA slight bend in the riverLayers and colorsLike that spot.fromthebridge juan deSantaAnna-3