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Learning studio lighting by trial and error. Hope these are more fun than scary. Using the timer on the camera and running back and forth. Creating on both sides of the lens...A couple of the images were shot with a 4x5 camera using fishing line to trip the shutter. The model was a good guy to work with and is still for hire!!
What's your favorite or least? Thanks again for the visit. Juan
20170115-_U7A905020170115-_U7A9039Old Man WinterNow?Natural probiotic-2004T and J-8108It's Not That ColdNot Khan-8October 21, 2005Early in the Good Old DaysHappy on the River...AgainUncle JuanjuansterJuanster-3juanster-1Not DeliveranceDon JuanMontana GothicBohe-manCuriosity Peaking