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These photos are taken all around Montana. Hay bales, mountains, rivers, windmills, forests, lakes, grain fields...there is so much beauty. If you like what you see, call me and I can show you more photos.

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Keywords:Montana, Montana lakes, Montana landscape, Montana scenics, Montana windmills, barley and wheat fields, harvest time in Montana, mountains, mountains, ranch land, rivers, wildlife refuge

Racetrack,MTMost photographed Barn-13Most-Photographed Barn-32Mission's from the other side-49Old timer,Augusta MTOldtimer sepia, Augusta, MTOld Timer-81Old_Timeralong Hwy 434 MT-110An Avon Homestead, Avon, MTStill growing... old-784East Side of the Rocky Mountain Front-3Historic Dearborn's FallOn Top of it AllCows Come HomeA Ringling Sunset, Ringling, MTPoint of the MoodFreezeup at Browns LakeEnd of November Appreciation Day-1307Barley fields