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The variety of colors and textures we witness during the fall in the Seeley Swan Valley of Montana is uplifting to say the least. I always welcome the shift from green to yellows and rusts. The light is great for photographing and I find myself smiling pretty much everywhere I look.

If you want Juan to help you learn how to photograph such beauty, send him an email. He loves taking people out and doing camera time.
Sept 6th 2006 Holland Lake FireCalmestVersatile_MG_6184.jpg_MG_6104Sleeping CrocKeeper of the Gate_MG_3997October's Mist, Salmon Lake, Seeley/Swan ValleyGoing Home...Geese over the Jewel BasinBig Larch, Seeley Lake, MTBig Larch, Seeley Lake, MT_MG_1325_MG_1321_MG_1311-EditFall at Rice RidgeFall's TrinityVersatile-6116