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Liz Ann and Mark Vosburgh her "Brake man" wore my Go Pro Camera while at the 2012 OSCR race. A little warm up on the trail then off to the races. Liz Ann sported the camera for a while until she had a trail side tip over. Mark then documented this amazing woman on down the trail. The flat light of the day could not hold back the bright light that is...Liz Ann.
Liz_Ann-187Liz_Ann-185Liz_Ann-184Liz_Ann-183Liz_Ann-182Liz_Ann-181Liz_Ann-180Liz_Ann-179OSCR Seeley Lake, MTLiz_Ann-178OSCR Seeley Lake, MT Liz_Ann-177Liz_Ann-176Liz_Ann-175Liz_Ann-174Liz_Ann-173Liz_Ann-172Liz_Ann-171Liz_Ann-170Liz_Ann-169Liz_Ann-168Liz_Ann-167