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My wife, Randi, and I were caretakers at Big Sky Lake for 5 years. We moved there because we needed a break from reality after Randi had a mastectomy. We lived in a cabin on the lake, a peaceful place to restore our souls. Boat rounds and walking the lakeshore each day in the summer were our tasks. Skiing around the lake in the winter wasn't too painful either. It was a good gig and we made some lasting friendships.
We left that gig to caretake Randi's mom as she died from dementia.
CT Cabin-690520111030-20111030-_MG_7091-EditSplit RockBSL Calm-5608Fish Creek Inlet Cove October 2013-5286October 11 2013-5281Turtle Island Snow Nov-3-13-5267Snout of the Croc-4634Sorry For the View...AgainOctober Moonset-4580Subtle Sky-4595Good Fishing Big Sky Lake Oct 13 2013-4456Big Sky Lake Oct 13,2013untitled-1094Just Before an April ( snow ) Shower-0408Big Sky Thaw-0370Big Sky Thaw horizontal-0366Shadow LoveRinkmaker Eco-Friendly-Organic-4590Rinkmaker Eco-Friendly-Organic-4585